Cant focus at home?

The public spaces are too limited and boring?

The cafes are too crowded and noisy?


The establishment of a Co-Working Space is to cater the needs of freelancers, students and also you!


You will definitely find the coziest and coolest environment at MYWo!

Free flows of premium coffees, tea and snacks are provided as the best partners during your work/study!


Its simply because MYWO is more than Coffee Shop X Co-Working Space X Library

vs Coffee Shop

MYWO provides comfy environment and ambience, individual plug points and we charge as per the time you spent at MYWO, not charging by the cup(s) of coffee(s) that you ordered!

vs Library

You need not to depart early in the morning just to grab a seat at the public library and to smuggle in food and beverage!

Free flows of premium coffees,tea and snacks are provided at MYWO! You may also order delivery if you are hungry!

vs Co-working space

Our charges is much more friendly compared to renting an office. What you need to do is to pay as you spent / you may subscribe to our plans to cater your needs!

MYWo Featured


With all kinds of sofas, beanies and wooden chairs for your leisure and relaxation.


We welcome all kinds of discussion at MYWO! Private/Discussion rooms are catered for 4-6 persons. Kindly call us to reserve!


Your may find privacy and your little space with the individual self-study seat.

MYWO fuses designs and spaces.

MYWO equips you the best facilities for your study and work.

10 varieties of food and beverage

100Mbps high speed unlimited internet

independent plug points and sockets

MailBox Services

Printing services

Magazines and books

Why Choose Us

If you face 'spacing' issue, MYWO is your solution

MYWO shares space for reading, working and self-learning. We combine the best coffee shop, library and office for you to enjoy your daily tasks! We hope our guests could keep away from noises and focus on whatever you want to do, with little privacy! We also do not impose strict rules and regulations to limit your activities as long as MYWOs guests are not being disturbed. Hence, MYWO would like to minimize disturbance and maximize efficiency and not to mention, to make yourself home!

100Mbps high speed unlimited internet

10 varieties of food and beverage

Magazines and books

Independent plug points and sockets.

Printing Services

MailBox Services

Pricing Table

Silver plan

RM81 hour

  • 100Mbps High speed internet

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Charging service

  • Magazines and books

Gold plan

RM123 Hours

  • 100Mbps High speed internet

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Charging service

  • Magazines and books

Platinum plan

RM15ALL Day Long

  • 100Mbps High speed internet

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Charging service

  • Magazines and books

Get in touch


03 4131 9311


011 1503 6996 (MYWo)



No 52-1, Plaza Usahawan

Jalan Danau Niaga 1

Taman Danau Kota

53300 WP Kuala Lumpur

waze to MYWO